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Miriam Grossi, For a transnational united front against fascism: Brazil II, 27/05/2019 (FR)

Carmen Rial, For a transnational united front against fascism: Brazil I, 27/05/2019 (FR)

Paola Bacchetta, For a transnational united front against fascism: India, United States, 27/05/2019 (FR)

Paola Bacchetta, Intersectionnality: State of the research, 31/03/2018 (FR)

Fatma Çıngı Kocadost, Forging links for a transnational struggle against domination relations in Turkey and France, 31/03/2018 (FR)

Dawud Bumayeh, The contribution of postcolonial racialized feminists and queers to anti-racist movements in France, 31/03/2018 (FR)

Rada Iveković, National sovereignty and translation. Towards a cognitive justice. Decenterings in intersectionality, 12/01/2017 (FR)

Orazio Irrera, Decenterings and narration in Edward Saïd, 12/01/2017 (FR)

Valentin Schaepelynck, Decenterings and institutional analysis in education, 12/01/2017 (FR)

Amir Kianpour, Non-synchronism as a mode of subjectivation, 24/10/2017 (FR)

Guadalupe Deza, Critique of the representations of memory, 18/10/2018 (FR)

Camille Fauroux, The archive as a political stake, 18/10/2018 (FR)

Amir Kianpour, Temporal inequalities in marxist thinkings, 18/10/2018 (FR)

Valentin Schaepelynck, Temporalities of the institution, 22/11/2018 (FR)

Engin Sustam, Marxist and anarchist orthdoxies and heterodoxies in self-organization practices, 22/11/2018 (FR)

Josep Rafanell i Ora: Building communities against capitalism, 22/11/2018 (FR)

Naji El Khatib and Marina Nebbiolo, The Talking Stones project, Alternative narratives and practices of space, 17/01/2019 (FR)

Engin Sustam, For a Cooperative of the arts of resistance, 17/01/2019 (FR)

Oreste Scalzone, History returns, 13/02/2019 (FR)

Michael Löwy, The Revolution is the brake of the emergency, 25/03/2019 (FR)

Vita Zalar, Conceptual history of gipsyness, 15/05/2019 (FR)

Arsalan Reihanzadeh, How to contribute to the critique of the libidinal economy of the post-revolution period? 15/05/2019 (FR)

Beatrice Rettig, What is subjectivity? 15/05/2019 (FR)

Engin Sustam, For a Cooperative of the arts of resistance, 25/03/2019 (FR)

Beatrice Rettig, What is a collective? 25/03/2019 (FR)

Silvana Rabinovich, Heteronomies of justice and nomadic words between Mexico, Palestine and the Sahara, 25/03/2019 (FR)

Mansur Tayfuri, The utopia of a common language, 25/03/2019 (FR)

Stéphane Douailler, The oriental element in the writings of Walter Benjamin Two Poems by Friedrich Hölderlin, 25/03/2019 (FR)

Éléni Varikas, The critique of the Nation-State in regards with the feminist and gender critique (1), 02/02/2018 (FR)

Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, The critique of the Nation-State in regards with the feminist and gender critique (2), 02/02/2018 (FR)

Naji El Khatib, The State in the Near and Middle East: epistemology and politics at stake, 24/01/2018 (FR)

Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, The State: From the colonial enterprise to the decolonial vision, 17/11/2016 (FR)

Éléonore Merza and Eitan Bronstein Aparicio, Cartographies of Palestine, 17/11/2016 (FR)

Naji El Khatib, Stateless people and the legacy of Sykes-Picot, 08/12/2016 (FR)

Assia Zaino, Men and Women in the Walls: How Prison shapes the lives of Palestinians, 08/12/2016 (FR)

Engin Sustam, Between state violence and counter-violence in Turkey, 08/12/2016 (FR)

Nadera Shalhoub-Kervokian, The occupation of the senses in occupied East Jerusalem, 08/12/2016 (EN)

Hamit Bozarslan, Ibn Khaldûn and the question of violence, 16/02/2017 (FR)

Sonia Dayan Herzbrun, Women political agecency in the Arab and Muslim worlds, 16/02/2017 (FR)

Rojda Alaç, Life strategies and redefinition of the “home”: The case of the Kurdish population displaced in their own region in Turkey, 02/03/2017 (FR)

Serdar Ay, Kurdish languages ​​and literatures politics, 02/03/2017 (FR)

Naji El Khatib, The right of return of Palestinian refugees, 16/03/2017 (FR)

Sarah Caunes, Mobilization and struggles of political prisoners in Turkey, 16/03/2017 (FR)

Assia Zaino, The Prison's University: Israeli prisons as places of training and cultural production of Palestinians, 16/03/2017 (FR)

Ann Laura Stoler, Colonial genealogies in Palestine: a chapter of Duress, 04/05/2017 (FR)

Tal Dor, Trans/formations of decolonial militants in Palestine-Israel, 04/05/2017 (FR)

Nacira Guénif-Souilamas, The body-border, 04/05/2017 (FR)

Philippe Rekacewicz, Counter-cartographies, 01/06/2017 (FR)

Engin Sustam, Kurdish Art and subalternity, 2/11/2017 (FR)

Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Gender and sexuality, and the indivisibility of justice in Palestine, Discussant: Azadeh Kian, 3/11/2017 (EN)

Seevan Saeed, The Kurdish question in Turkey, 07/02/2018 (EN/FR)

Morad Farhadpour, Translation-thinking, 20/10/2016 (EN)

Bahar Majdzadeh, The Iranian common memory of the 80s and the aesthetics of the confrontation with a violent past, 20/10/2016 (FR)

Amir Kianpour, with Zahra Pourazizi, The Archipelago of Babel, A collective documentary (Projection and reading), 20/10/2016 (FR)

Mansur Tayfuri, States and exceptions, 20/10/2016 (FR)

Oreste Scalzone, Leviathan in the language, 20/10/2016 (FR)

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